Get these fun colorful ZAHRA evil eye necklaces, available now in our store ! They come in multiple colors, blue, rose and purple, and in two different sizes, PM and GM. Layered it with your favorite necklace or wear it alone as a statement. 

Zahra Evil Eye necklaces

With each purchase you make, we will donate 10% to to support refugees around the world and to raise our current campaign helping two beautiful sisters, Sara and Hala. 

We have received some new updates through Humanwire's personnel, who is currently in Athens to meet with the Alrahmoud family and the girls. The family is finally no longer living in a squat or refugee camp. Sara and Hala are finally relaxed, clean and safe for the first time in over a year. It is currently Ramadan and at the sundown, the family finally had their first relaxed meal in a long time on an outdoor patio with delicious Syrian foods.

Sara & Hala HumanwirePatio Ramadan dinner

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