The Artisan's Application

Hello Artisan!
We value your talent and creativity as an Artisan; and we're happy that you are interested to be part of our face-covering initiative.
The SARIDJO x The Artisans collaboration consists of the Artisan's face mask and Saridjo's chain attached to the mask to allow us to carry the face mask around the neck. The materials of the chains vary from gold plated to natural water pearls, shells and beads.
As we would like to support the artisan's creativity, ethnic traditional designs of the Artisan's origin should be applied on the design of the face masks. Examples of DYI face mask patterns can be found here. To appreciate the work of the Artisans, the face masks will be named after the first name of the maker. A short biography and pictures will be displayed in the Meet the Artisans list page.
Each mask will be sold with one chain as part of the SARIDJO x The Artisans collaboration and some proceed of each sale will be donated to the children in need through legitimate charities.
Please fill the application below to participate:


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