OUR MISSION: To Spread Social Impact in Style!

We are looking for passionate, dedicated and social people that are willing to represent SARIDJO in a positive way. As a new initiative, this is an amazing opportunity to have a large impact with your social media status and creativity. Ambassadors will be featured through out our social media networks, receiving exclusive updates, insider-only sales, sponsored product(s) as well as personalized custom referral discount for their followers and more! The most exciting part, ambassadors will also be able to host charitable campaigns via  
1. Love SARIDJO products!
2. We will determine the number of sponsored item(s) depending on the numbers of your blog and/or social media followers.
3. Follow/Like all our social media accounts:
4. Have our ad banners link to our online store on your blog (optional).
5. Minimum one time post about our online store on your blog website (optional). We also accept interviews or sponsoring your blog's giveaway.
6. Willing to post, share, and tag #SARIDJO content regularly featuring each item sent to you on Instragram, blog and/or social media accounts.
7. This is a sponsorship application and all participants will be screened
8. We reserve the right to downgrade value/number of sponsorship items as well as the length of sponsorship depending on your social media's performance and status.
9. All photos must be posted on your social networks within 14 days of receiving the item(s). 
10. All posted photos, videos, posts and comments should contain links to Saridjo™ online store’s homepage (, or the product’s page on Saridjo™ store’s website.
11. Saridjo™ reserves the right to collect photos, videos, posts and/or any sort of promotions materials that contain and/or are related to Saridjo™ products from your social media channels. Saridjo™ reserves to repost such promotion materials of our products on our social media networks. 
12. We reserve the right to terminate your sponsorship at any time.
13. Saridjo reserves the right to modify or change the policies of blogger/influencer sponsorship program at any time without prior notice.
14. As this program is not limited to International influencers, please note that different countries have different customs policy, we can't assume your import customs and we are not responsible for any customs fees.
15. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to be part of the SARIDJO brand ambassador team, as well as your social media information in the message box of the form below :
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