CHARITY ARCHIVE 2017-2019: Nea Kavala Art Without Borders



We are very grateful for the donation through our product sales and also the generosity from our friends, family and donators through our previous campaign.
As we are still strongly committed to our mission to help Sara, Hala and the Al-Rahmoun family, we are now contributing our donation through Love Without Borders 4 Refugees, lead by Kayra Martinez.

Kayra has been in touch with the two sisters and their family and made every attempt to visit them on a regular basis.  

Sara Hala Kayra
Kayra with Sara & Hala


Sara & Hala are now part of Kayra's Nea Kavala Art Without Borders art project, that has been traveling around the world. The art has given them a great deal of happiness and we will continue to be there for the family throughout this journey.


One of Sara‘s art pieces has actually been sold and sent the money to Houston after the hurricane destruction to their city for support, and Hala‘s art has been shown/sold at the University of Boise as part of Nea Kavala's awareness program.


Kayra and her team are working together to implement projects, such as the Nea Kevala and the Jewelry Design projects to create independence and empowerment for the refugees.
As the refugees are now facing winter, Kayla is currently raising funds to meet basic needs and requesting supplies for the art they create with the children refugees.
Sara art
Sara's painting 


Hala's painting
Hala's painting  


You can support their projects with a tax deductible donation, directly via Needslist.


Nea Kavala List


About Sara, Hala and the Al-Rahmoun Family

 Sara, Hala and their parents
Sara, Hala, their parents and Tom Franklin, a journalist who followed the Al-Rahmoun's family journey in Greece in early 2017.


Sara (10) & Hala (12) are sisters who lived a modest life in Syria until the war started. Their father used to build homes but when the war started,the work dried up so he started baking & selling cakes in the street to get by.

In April, 2016 they decided to leave for Greece. The family traveled in an inflatable raft across the sea from Turkey to Greece, landing on Chios Island, where the closed camps are notoriously overcrowded. 

Kayra Martinez and her team are now working on trying to find the family a container at a camp nearby Athens where they can have long term housing and support, until either they leave Greece through reunification or they stay in the camp.   


An introduction to Kayra Martinez

An American based in Frankfurt, Germany who works for a major airline. She has been volunteering her time for the last year and a half collecting and distributing clothing from the US and sending them to many parts of Europe, especially in northern Greece where she works in one of the refugee camps. 

Kayra has implemented ways for refugees to create, design and fill their time while waiting for their asylum. Through Kayla's art project, Nea Kavala Art without Borders, she has created a lovely traveling exhibition to create awareness, show the art from the children and those that have been displaced and generate support for the many families she has met along the journey.

Learn more about Kayra's amazing works: VOA News and NBC

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