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Face Masks by Saridjo x The Artisans


To do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19, we launched Saridjo x The Artisans to work with makers around the world to create a variety of reusable face masks. Through this initiative, our mission to protect the safety of our community and support our global creative talent through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Each handcrafted face mask comes with our signature 18" or 28" chains for a convenient and hands-free, stylish touch. These chains are crafted with gold-plated materials as well as natural water pearls, shells, and beads. These chains can be worn as necklace, multi-wrap bracelet as well as sunglasses chains.

We are already working with Artisans in countries including, India, Mexico, and Vietnam, to protect artisans around the world to provide them with a greater financial safety net during this difficult time. This initiative allows us to unite and empower you to shop for beautiful things while contributing to our global community to create an overall positive social impact

These products reintroduce a human element to our socially distanced lives as we separate together to foster a healthier, safer community. Through a mutual exchange of value and kindness, participating in this program allows both parties to put food on the table and protect their families. Through your conscious consumption, purchasing these face masks can provide these artisans with consistent work and greater exposure, which could help them transition towards working independently without relying on harsh (and potentially, unethical) factory labor.

We will be donating 10% of the profits from each face masks sold to Unicef, an international organization focused on providing humanitarian aid, in over 190 countries, to children in crisis. These contributions go towards programs providing kids and adolescents with adequate healthcare, education, emergency care, nutrition, sanitation, and housing resources to set them up for healthier and better lives. Read more about these resources here

Our face mask assortment is an extension of our founding ethos and emphasis on giving back with every item purchased. Please visit for our summary of charitable initiatives and social impact.

The CDC guidelines recommend individuals wear face coverings when in public settings outside of their homes, especially in areas where it is difficult to practice other social distancing measures. Wearing a mask can help reduce the respiratory droplets from those infected with the COVID-19 virus from spreading it to others. You can read more about how to wear your mask and take other preventative measures to protect yourself and others on the CDC  website.

Discover Meet The Artisans to learn more about the makers of our face masks.



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